Featuring Our Black Adoptable Cats This October

In honour of Halloween, we wanted to feature the black (or mostly black) cats that are currently available for adoption from Pets Alive Niagara.

These kitties are WAY cuter than they are spooky, but we’re sure they’d love to spend Halloween with you and your family anyway!



Becky is around 7-8 months old. You can meet her at Paulmac’s pet store in Welland! She’s a little timid so she usually hides somewhere until she makes sure nobody is around and comes out and play with her sisters or eat. She’s still learning to trust people but she’s good with the dogs (except when they’re barking- it scares her!).


Jett is about 6 weeks old and he’s fast! Very playful. Loves to wrestle with his siblings especially Onyx. Loves to try and climb your legs. Quite the jumper.

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