Dogs | Buggy

Meet Buggy

  • Male
  • Terrier mix
  • 1yr
  • 35lbs
  • Good with other dogs, cats and kids

Buggy is a submissive pup with a super sweet nature. He really likes to be with his people and may even choose them over the dogs. That said, he seems to thrive off the company of the other dogs and is learning, appropriate behaviour within the home, from them.

Buggy’s energy level is about a 7. We imagine he may exert more energy with a more energetic family and seems like he’d “go with the flow”. He is happy to play outside, have a short walk and snuggle on the couch. In his free time, he will seek out some opportunity to play and likes when both the dogs and humans engage with him. When people are home he looks for them to be close to and is often cuddled up with foster mom or in close proximity at all times.

There has not been a single sign of aggression from Buggy whatsoever. With some encouragement, he agreed to a bath and to being dried, and although he didn’t seem to love it, he went along with it with lots of kind words and gentle touches. He allowed for his whole body to be cleaned without any reaction or struggle.

Buggy eats with his foster brothers and they all share well. If one of the other dogs pushes into the food he will back off and allow it to happen.

He has not been chewing or mouthing at all.

On the very rare occasion he has, ever so gently, jumped up on foster mom and 10 yr old to say hi or to see what’s happening at the counter, but is very easily re-directed.

It is reported that Buggy has only been heard barking once and that was was in the dark when the bedroom door opened. He reacted yet settled again quickly.

At times, Buggy may randomly whimper/cry and walk around and we haven’t determined why. It’s often when he’s outside and we wonder if he’s looking for his brother(s).

Sometimes he paces around and seems quite nervous and therefore will require someone who is able to be slow and patient with him allowing him to come around at his own pace.

He would likely do best in a home with less busyness, due to him being shy and nervous.

We feel he may be best in a home with another dog as he’s always been with one and is doing incredibly well following the foster dogs lead, enjoying their company and looking to play with them.

The foster family reports “we have actually not seen a single behaviour that we feel would present as a problem.”

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