Any kind of help is always a great help!

Many of us say we want to ‘do more’ – especially when it comes to animal welfare. I would love to foster but it doesn’t currently work with me and my husband’s schedules (…and I am a bit concerned I would become a foster failure over and over again :)) Knowing this, even though I am busy with full-time work and completing a full-time graduate degree, I wanted to help out in some way, no […]


A “Thank You” from the Front Lines

Did you know? Many of the adorable pups that have made their way to Pets Alive Niagara’s foster-based rescue program over the last 5 years or so have come from our shelter here in Merida, Mexico. We’re called “Evolucion Animal” and we are so grateful to PAN for taking in our babies and finding them the perfect Canadian forever homes! A little about us: Evolucion is a Mexican not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization with lofty goals. We […]


Making Decisions

Pet ownership requires a lot of planning and decision making. Do we adopt a rescue – well, that’s an easy one! What do we name him? What type of bed do we get for her? What food to feed them? What toys will he like? These are easy to answer and it’s fun to go shopping so they can have things of their very own. Then there are some tougher questions that some people struggle […]


Everybody Loves Lucy

Friday, December 3, 2016 It was a day spent pacing, anxious, excited, and terrified – it was the day we were adding to our family. As new parents, we could barely contain our excitement – which made the fact that it was a huge secret even harder to keep…


You’ll ever bond with a rescue dog?

Wondering if you’ll ever bond with a rescue dog? A lot of people are on the fence about adopting a rescue dog.  They’re certain they want to add a fur friend to the family but there are myths about rescues that may sway people to go an alternate route.