Being a foster

The anticipation of a foster dog coming is full of excitement and nervousness. Will they be ok? Will they get along with my dog? Will they like me? Do I have everything ready? When they arrive, anticipation turns into a warm feeling that washes over me. I look into their sweet face and wonder… What was their life like before? Are they missing someone or were they a street dog? Did their family abandon them […]


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Fostering

If you are considering fostering a cat or dog, here are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine if it’s the right choice for you. Are you prepared to treat a foster animal like a member of your family?  In addition to ensuring that the cat or dog stays healthy during their stay with you, it’s also going to be your job to teach your foster pet how to be a good family […]


The Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets

If you are considering adopting a new pet, here are a few really great reasons to consider adopting an older cat or dog.


Meet Our Volunteers | Joanne Lowe

“I want to start a dog rescue” One day in September of 2013, I came across a post of a little dog that was going to be put down unless “rescued”. I didn’t even really know what that meant at the time. I had adopted two dogs, Chloe from Louisiana through the Hamilton HS, and Allie from the London HS. Upon following the link to another dog and shelter, to yet another dog and shelter, […]


Bringing home a rescue dog to your current dog.

It’s an exciting day! Bringing home the rescue dog that you searched for, taking the time to pick the right one for you and your family. Lots of ups and downs. Seeing one you like, then finding out they’ve been adopted. Or they turn out to not like cats and you have one. A lot of time and energy goes into finding THE one and you did it! And you’re welcoming them into your home. […]